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Crowd Safety Managers - Call for licensing system
Friday, 28 September 2012 00:00
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A proper licensing system for crowd safety managers is essential Kent expert Andy Hollinson has warned.

"There is currently no proper accreditation system for crowd management companies in the UK," said Andy, whose company, Response Security Solutions, provided crowd safety on several stages of the Olympic Torch Relay, including the last leg at Buckingham Palace.

"The techniques available to prevent disasters are vastly improved and were stressed in the original degree and the Honours year I have just completed, but until event organisers are required to use a properly-licensed manager or contractor that employs those techniques, mistakes will still be made."

Not only was Andy one of the first 11 people to complete the BA Honours degree from Buckinghamshire New University, but he also had the distinction of being awarded a first class degree.

The course, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, focuses on crowd dynamics, flow rates and other areas of crowd safety including crowd psychology, safety by design and the law. Andy's tutors included Professor Keith Still, arguably the leading voice on crowd science in the world.

"The degree course taught me a great deal and has had a real and immediate impact on the company," Andy said. "I have already restructured the way we work to make sure that Response Security Solutions is applying the most up-to-date thinking to the way it keeps crowds safe."

"We also know much more about crowd dynamics, how people behave and about how many people can safely flow through a certain space in a given time. The science is better, we have more experience and we have learned a lot of lessons, but the decisions need to be made by those who are trained to make them," he said.

Looking back to a busy summer, Andy said looking after crowd safety along the route of the Olympic torch had been "challenging, but a hugely rewarding experience."

He added: "We worked closely with Maidstone Borough Council at a number of big events, including the two simultaneous Olympic Torch Relay concerts at Leeds Castle and at Mote Park, as well as looking after their schools Olympic event during the afternoon.

"We were also out in force along a lot of the route across Kent and Surrey. We were then honoured to be asked to look after the Buckingham Palace leg of the relay, which was an amazing experience.

"In total we estimate we kept about 200,000 flag-waving, cheering spectators safe as well as happy."

Project Griffin Training
Sunday, 10 July 2011 17:57
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Security Company helping to protect from terror

Response Security Solutions Ltd based in Kent, recently volunteered a number of their experienced security staff to participate in Project Griffin, a nationwide police initiative to protect our cities and communities from the threat of terrorism. It brings together and coordinates the resources of the police, emergency services, local authorities, business and the private sector security industry.